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Too many Americans are pressured by their life insurance payments. It can be very tempting to just stop paying.

Here’s the problem: that’s what insurers want you to do. Just a few months of non-payment can make your entire policy void. This means free money for life insurance companies, who get to keep all the money you’ve already paid and don’t have to give you anything in return.

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Financing can be a better alternative

Financing can be a better alternative. Insurance companies won’t usually tell you that you can actually take out a loan against the value of your policy. This can be a good short-term or medium-term option to reduce your payments while keeping your coverage. 

Contact a Beacon Life insurance expert for a neutral review of your financial situation. Get expert advice on whether policy payments financing could make sense for you.

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All consultations are confidential. There is no commitment to work with us. We will always provide complete transparency about how the process will work and what costs and revenues you can expect.  Our goal is to help you finance your life insurance policy payments so that you can keep the coverage you need.

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Determining what your policy may be worth is easy and takes just a few minutes.

It may be the most profitable few minutes you ever spend.

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