Learn What Insurance Companies Don't Tell You

Sell or Add to Your Life Insurance Policy for Much More Than They Offer

Take the 30-Second Survey & See What’s Best for YOU

30-Second Survey

Learn What Insurance Companies Don't Tell You

Sell or Add to Your Life Insurance Policy for Much More Than They Offer

Take the 30-Second Survey & See What’s Best for YOU


Best Pricing

Insurance companies offer pennies to buy policies. We work with investors who pay more.

Blood based analysis is the only surefire way to determine health.  It is the ground truth in health analysis and we use the most state of the art methods for determining your health.

Plus, we use state-of-the-art blood screening to lower risk and get the absolute best prices for you.

We Work For You

You deserve options that reflect your unique needs and health profile.

We offer free 1-1 consultations instead of selling to you on this website.  We also use blood analysis to ensure that you get the most credit for health and lifestyle factors in your favor.

We provide a blood based health assessment that is more accurate than traditional analysis and work with you to examine all options.

Trusted Reputation

We work with extensive network of agents, financial professionals and industry leaders. Our agents are the leaders in life insurance and life settlement. We work with all major investors and carriers to find you the policy and coverage that works best for your unique financial and health situation.

Secure and Private

We use state of the art encryption to secure your personal profile and data.  All consultations are private and are not disclosed without your authorization. We follow HIPPA and all other medical privacy policies when performing analysis and testing. We do not sell your information or insights.

Fast & Hassle Free

Selling your policy used to be complicated, full of hidden fees, and requiring at least 6-8 weeks. Beacon is faster and gives you 100% transparency from the start.

Our agents work directly with you to prepare all material for life insurance and life settlement. We are here to to provide transparency and guide you through the process. We provide clear options and clear guidance at each step of the process.


Sell Your Policy

Do you have a life insurance policy that you no longer need? Or one that you don’t need as much as you need cash now?

Insurance companies don’t tell you this, but you can sell your life insurance policy for a higher price than simply “surrendering” back to the insurer. This is often a smart decision if your family is financially stable and/or you have increased expenses.

Policy Payments Financing

Too many Americans are pressured by their life insurance payments. It can be very tempting to just stop paying.

Here’s the problem: that’s what insurers want you to do. Just a few months of non-payment can make your entire policy void. This means free money for life insurance companies, who get to keep all the money you’ve already paid and don’t have to give you anything in return.

Review Your Coverage

Has your life changed since you first started your policy? Have your finances changed?  Have YOU changed? Life insurance companies don’t do a good job of informing their customers that you should review and update your life insurance regularly, like you would with your investments or your will.

A sad fact is that 75% of seniors in the United States have the wrong coverage for their life situation.

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